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Pundit Services is your End-to-End Security company that is capable to tailor and validate to your specific needs. We provide a highly effective and price efficient solution by Building our team around in house subject matter experts in the following fields video security, access controls, Hazard area security, Data cable, Fiber and Electrical.



Most people are aware that one size does NOT fit all. The problems are more complex and, consequently, the solutions must be more creative. Video surveillance, employee monitoring, holdup buttons for personal safety and perimeter monitoring are just a few of the solutions employed by Pundit Services. We’ll meet your security needs with the best technology available.

Your first line of defense from intruders exists outside your place of business. Therefore, intrusion detection control plays an important part in your Industrial/Commercial security. Through careful planning, it should allow your employees and customers to move about freely during the day and protect your business from unauthorized entry after closing.

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