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Exclusive Services

Our corps of highly trained and well equipped service electricians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Armed with the latest in tools, equipment and technology, our electricians, technicians and support staff are eager to attack all types of problems, from simple repairs to those nasty troubleshooting and difficult issues. Our electricians and data/comm technicians will greet you with a smile and promptly go to work, keeping you informed along the way, all to satisfy your specific needs.
No job is too big or too small. From adding a receptacle, data or communications drop, or installing a paddle fan to installing circuitry, control wiring.


•  Power Distribution

•  Cable Splicing

•  Heat Tracing

•  Power, Controls,

•  Lighting

•  Motor Control

•  Overhead Power Distribution

•  Protective Device Coordination Study

•  Short Circuit Study

•  Arc Flash Analysis

•  Load Flow Study

•  Voltage Drop Study

•  Power Quality Analysis

•  Power Factor Correction

•  Harmonic Analysis

•  Relay Upgrades and Testing

•  Breaker Repair, Retrofit &


•  Infrared Surveys

•  Grounding Systems

•  Electrical Maintenance

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